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About Us

Established in 2013,Foshan Nanhai Hongrui Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has specialized in the design,production,and installation of an extensive array of factory automation solutions.
Our expertise spans belt conveyors,roller lines,gantry feeders,and various transportation equipment,backed by over a decade of industry experience. Spanning across an impressive 8000-square-meter facility,our dedicated team of over 200 production staff,coupled with a skilled R&D team comprising more than 10 engineers,underscores our commitment to elevating workshop automation and addressing diverse customer needs……


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Professional panel furniture wiring manufacturer
your best partner in the furniture manufacturing field


  • Lai Jinhong

    Lai Jinhong


    Lai Jinhong is one of the founders of Foshan Nanhai Hongrui Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,with a deep understanding and rich experience in the field of factory automation. He has over two decades of professional knowledge and leadership in the industry. Renowned for being pragmatic and innovative,committed to driving the company's leading position in the field of factory automation. His vision is to build Hongrui Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. into a leading global supplier of automation solutions.

  • Liu Jianrui

    Liu Jianrui

    Managing Director

    Liu Jianrui is an experienced senior manager with excellent leadership skills. His talents are outstanding in the fields of company management and business development. We bear the heavy responsibility of achieving the long-term goals of the company,emphasizing teamwork and continuous innovation. Liu Jianrui's mission is to ensure the sustainable development of the company's business and provide excellent services and solutions to customers. He actively explores the global market and is committed to expanding business boundaries,creating broader development opportunities for the company.

  • Pu Guangjun

    Pu Guangjun

    Technical Director

    Pu Guangjun has rich experience and profound professional knowledge in the field of engineering technology. He has demonstrated extraordinary technical skills and innovation awareness in multiple projects,becoming a leading figure in the company's technical team. As a team leader,he is committed to driving technological innovation in products and solutions to ensure that the company maintains a leading position in the market. With over 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry,Pu Guangjun has injected rich industry wisdom and practical experience into the company's technological development,providing a solid foundation and support for achieving the company's long-term goals.

  • Chen Can

    Chen Can

    Chief engineer

    Chen Can is a senior engineer with rich experience in design and implementation. He has outstanding technical expertise in the field of engineering. Leading the company's engineering team,responsible for project design and implementation. He has won a good reputation for the company with his outstanding technical skills and team spirit.

  • Lai Jinhong

    Lai Jinhong Chairman

  • Liu Jianrui

    Liu Jianrui Managing Director

  • Pu Guangjun

    Pu Guangjun Technical Director

  • Chen Can

    Chen Can Chief engineer


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